Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to fix open applications automatically on startup of windows


On this occasion I will discuss about open applications automatically when first opening the windows or windows startup jock language. When the new residence first opened the computer, then loading somewhat longer can so it is one of the causes. In addition to the windows startup slow down open applications automatically can also slow down your computer's performance. For example, when again opened a game, then the game lags/slow, whereas before smoothly at the time of the application does not open automatically.

At the time of an application can install again so applications that install the agent open automatically without even realizing the time again again recently turned on the computer. The more application installs, then again increasingly greater risk computer windows startup again to be slow. A great many applications add themselves to the list of open applications automatically. For it in install an application needs to pay attention to such things again.

If at this moment a lot of open applications automatically on startup of windows on the computer, and then again agent can arrange just about any application that allowed open automatically and applications that want to stop. Then how? Here's how can, please refer to the fine.

The first step

1- The first step is to sign in to the run by means of click star, then type run in the search field or by pressing the WINDOWS key + R, then type "msconfig" again and press enter.
2- After that the System Configuration box appears, in the box, please click the startup tab as organ picture below.

3- On the startup tab will be visible to applications which open automatically when windows startup. To stop the open applications automatically, please deselect again on the application you want to stop. 
4- After that click the OK button appears and the command to restart the computer to restart, just click again to feel the changes.

All Done!!!