Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Enable Hibernate in Windows 8


Most of us are using new windows 8 will probably be little felt the existence of differences from previous versions (windows 7), particularly when pressing the power icon on the windows.

In windows 7 the icon there is a wide range of power options such as restart, shutdown, sleep, hibernate etc. currently for windows 8 there are only 3 options only i.e., shutdown, hibernate and sleep.

How to display the hibernate in windows 8

1- Make sure the laptop buddy already in the State On.
2- Point your cursor on the icon of the existing battery to the right bottom corner next right click on the battery icon and select Power Options.
3- Then power options page will appear then click Require a password on wake-up.
4- Next click the writing Change settings that are currently unavailable for activate box under as in the picture.
5- Then check writing Hibernate then click Save changes.
Now the hibernate in windows 8 you already activated your changed now resides on the icon power on laptop buddy, that's the last way display the hibernate in windows 8. don't forget to leave a comment below.