Friday, January 20, 2017

Effective Learning Exams Tips

For students, there is always a test of each semester, ranging from mid-term exams, midterms, until the national exam. Here are some tips on effective learning in the exam in order to get the maximum results :

1- Get to know the motivation to learn. The purpose of what we expect from this study? Whether short term or long term? As we have a goal or a specific goal in the future to be achieved, it can motivate us to learn, so that the effort we spend will be quite high.
2- Know your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize the field of study of what our interest is quite large; understanding of the field of study of what makes us quickly capture; and learning achievement in the field of the study were quite good. When we know our strengths, we are able to push themselves to further enhance learning, and knowing that we know the limits of weakness at the same time we are trying to catch up.
3-  Identify how the learning styles of our experiences before, some people will be more comfortable viewing or cues that are visual (reading, see picture), others are more comfortable with voice or auditory (listening to music, listening to other people talking), movement (dancing, gymnastics). By understanding the way to make us comfortable, we were able to create a strategy for learning.
4- Understand that learning on a regular basis every day would be more effective than learning racing last night.
5-  Read by memorizing it, is less effective compared to understand, relate it to everyday conditions, or even to apply it in daily life.
6-  Certain people more comfortable while studying himself in a state of quiet, comfortable, while others are more comfortable when working in groups. Try to find a suitable learning situation for yourself.
7-  Understand that certain psychological situation where anxiety, sadness, fear is dominant affect you emotionally, then this will affect your focus on learning, although this is less can be realized.
8- Perform relaxation, exercise, a healthy diet and regular sleep.
9-  Interact with friends, family, and couples, can help improve the psychological well-being, and increase our concentration in learning.