Friday, January 20, 2017

Displays the Rules in the Microsoft Office Word 2013


I will posting on How're rules on Microsoft Word 2013. Probably most of you have already begun to switch to ms office 2013, But often also the faithful still same version ever.

Microsoft word actually 2013 is not much different with version previous, only for the display of Microsoft word 2013 has simple and attractive appearance as well as many additional features that make it easier for users of course.

The steps to display the rules in ms word 2013

1- Click the icon for Microsoft office word 2013 that is on your pc/laptop.
2- Wait until process completed loading.
3- If it is open then it will appear the main view select Blank Document.
4- The next page will appear a new worksheet.
5- Next click the View menu at the top right of the toolbar then check article Rules.
6- If it is then the rules will look like in the picture below.
The article on how to display the rules in the Microsoft office 2010, And don't forget to leave your comments below.